Monday, July 11, 2011

Final Grade: B-

This is a pretty solid R&B album.  Ledisi has some great pipes, and is definitely in the right place singing what she's singing.  In terms of an album, it's not the greatest (especially coming after listening to Donny Hathaway - that was an R&B album).  A lot of it sounded like standard R&B grooves that I had heard before, which made the album a little less interesting for me.  The harmonies on this are pretty incredible and do great things for the tunes their showcased in.  I also had some editing issues length-wise with some of the tunes, but nothing terrible.  "Joy" was probably my favorite tune on the album, I'm sad it was the first on the track.  I hope Ledisi gets the recognition she deserves from the industry, 'cause she's got something that needs to be heard.

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