Friday, July 1, 2011

Songs of The Day

We're Still Friends:  This is a Hathaway original, and I must say it's quite the tune.  By far the sexiest groove of the album, and that's much thanks to the guitar.  Great dynamics in the groove.  It's got a great build up, and then settles nicely in the verses.  Surprise, surprise - Donny sounds amazing.  How could you not love him?  Great guitar solo by Cornell Dupree, nice n sultry.  Love the call and response going on between Donny and the Cornell towards the end.  The way this song grooves out is really great.  Great tune.

Jealous Guy:  I think this song might be my favorite on the album.  It's got a more up beat, happy, kind of saloon-like groove (though the lyrics don't reflect that) and the melody Donny's got going on plays with it perfectly.  There's an even balance between groove and melody that really allows you to pay attention to both simultaneously.  Willie Weeks is holdin that bass down! Goes to show that sometimes you just need the roots to hold it down.  Man, the runs Donny had - impeccable.  He really was a gem, it's sad that he wasn't around long enough to bless us with more of his talents.

Voices Inside (Everything is Everything):  Donny closes out this album with a second instrumental to show off the great band he had.  Though I like the first instrumental, "The Ghetto," better, it's still mad funky.  Donny had some serious skills on the keys, and it's great that he got to show that off along with his unbelievable voice.  It's got a great bass line throughout, Weeks holdin it down yet again.  Great guitar and bass solos.  Solid ending to an amazing album.

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