Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Songs of The Day

Joy:  This is a pretty awesome tune to start out with.  Really cool beat on this one.  I really dig the keys sound and the way drums are on the back beat - very cool.  Ledisi's melody is really simple, which is a good contrast against the more complicated groove.  Love the hook - "let me be the one to bring you joy" - oh how many times I've felt that way.  She's got a great sultry tone to her that I really dig.  The bridge is cool, nothing super special, but I still like it.  Fading out was definitely the way to end this tune, and I dig it.  Solid.

You & Me:  This is a pretty standard R&B groove.  Not to say it's not good, I definitely can get down with it, it's just not anything I'm wowed by or feel like I haven't heard before.  I do really dig the keys part though - very sexy.  The harmonies on this are pretty sweet, very gospel like, which is probably why the chorus has a happier feel to it.  Kind of lackluster against the opener, but still a good song.

Best Friend:  Again, the groove (and lyrical content in this case) is a pretty standard R&B sound, more so than the previous.  Luckily, Ledisi's voice is good enough to slightly forget about that.  I do dig the 5 seconds of clave in the 2nd verse though, threw me off the first time I heard it, but then I wanted more.  Didn't get it though...  I'm also not really a fan of the bridge - I don't feel like it has the right connection to the verse, and the overlaying guitar solo is a little too loud in my opinion.  Good, not great.

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