Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Songs of The Day

Alright:  I really like the groove on this one.  Solid keys part, which is amplified with the guitar comes in.  Especially when it hangs on the end of the beat in the second verse.  Ledisi, surprised sounds great.  She's got a really solid R&B/Soul voice.  I don't think is a powerhouse lyrically, but it's solid.  Cool breakdown, nothing fancy, but I think it could have been stepped up a notch.  I also think it's a tad too long, I was losing interest.

Think Of You:  This track has the best opening thus far.  I dig the drum beat combined with the scratching layer of her voice - very cool.  Another fairly solid beat, but it didn't go in the direction I felt like it was building up to in the intro.  I think the groove is actually a little overbearing.  A lot of the time it kind of sounds like she's competing with it, which isn't necessary.  The harmonies are pretty cool though, and I do think the bridge is funky - it makes me like the beat more, but then that attraction kind of fizzles towards the end.

Today:  This groove... I'm not 100% sure on how I feel about it.  It's got a cool jazzy thing going on that I dig, but it kind of seems as though it's trying to hard to be too many things.  It's cluttered.  All of the individual sounds that're going on are cool on their own, but it's just too much all together - some editing needed to be done.  Ledisi sounds great, but the beat's distracting me.  I do like the bridge though, it kind of has a Yellowjackets feel to it that I dig.  All of the solos at the end seem a bit much too.  Yeah...

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