Thursday, July 7, 2011

Songs of The Day

Get To Know You:  This has a fairly cool groove to it.  Nice strolling-in-the-park feeling to it.  It's not standout or anything, but it gets the job done.  I especially like the keys sound - I like how it bends.  The hook is catchy, it'll probably get stuck in the noggin.  The bridge is nice, it's got a smooth feel to it that works with the lyrical content.  Aside from it being a little long, it's overall sweet tune.

Upside Down:  This is one of the funkier grooves of the album.  It doesn't feel as cluttered as some of the previous beats, which I like.  I really like the background parts on this one, they help bring out the feel.  Great harmonies as well.  Dig the change up in the bridge, it's got a cool warped feel to it that adds a new flavor to the groove.  Gettin a lil better here...

In The Morning:  This is one of the sexier songs on the track in both groove and lyrical content.  It's got the standard wawa guitar sexy thing going on, and the reverb on the keys and what not.  It's good, but it's no D'Angelo (please come back).  I just wish that Ledisi was a little softer on this one, she seems a little overbearing for the groove at times, and it gets a little distracting.  Solid bridge, but I like the background vocals better than the lead.  

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