Monday, July 11, 2011

Songs of The Day

I Tried:  This has got a pretty solid groove to it.  It's funky, and I dig it.  Great harmonies in the chorus - Ledisi seems to have a knack for that.  The hook is definitely catchy, which is always a plus.  Funky bridge, funky guitar solo.  The song is pretty solid, but like others on the album, I think that it's a little too long.  It doesn't seem like there's enough substance in it to be as long as it is (which really isn't much at 4:05).  Ledisi of course sounds great.  Aside from that - solid.

The One:  This is probably the most "pop" sounding tune on the album, but by that I just mean it seems to be the most radio-friendly.  The beat reminds me of a 90s Monica song or something.  I dig the heavy bass that comes in the 2nd verse, but I think it may be a little overbearing, just a little bit.  Again, great harmonies in the chorus.  Ledisi sounds great, especially scatting at the end.  This falls under the same "too long" spell in my taste, but I still enjoy the sounds.

Someday:  This is a pretty solid way to close the album.  Lyrically, I like that it's about her mother, seeing as that's a new topic, and a likable one at that.  I dig the combo guitar groove going on - it's got a very sweet feel to it.  I like how the groove is brought down in the verses, it let's you focus on the lyrical content.  You can really hear the emotion in Ledisi's voice on this track, which is always a good thing.  Dig it.

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