Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Songs of The Day

Caboclo:  This is a great starter to the album.  The guitar is very simple and sweet, which I like.  There's a trippy sample in here that I find very interesting.  It's kind of out of left field, but I like the different texture it adds to the tune.  I love the distance in Arthur's voice, it gives the whole piece an ethereal feel to it.  The strings are great, very tasteful and work nicely with the sweet groove that had been laid out.  Great switch up with the ending, it builds on the trippy feel the earlier sample had added.  Very cool.

Pelas Sombras:  Man, this groove is intriguing.  It starts out with an improv jazz keys over strings, and I really dig how they contrast one another.  Love the bring down in the verses and how well the groove builds in the chorus.  Great horns.  I like Arthur's voice in the previous song better, but he still rocks what he's got.  This is an extra funky groove, and it just keeps building.  Groovin hard, that is for sure.

Sylvia:  This is a much tamer groove than the previous, and I'm happy about that - it's a nice cool off.  I love the ease to this groove, very romantic in my opinion.  This is a really great example of strings - they're soft and in no way overpowering, yet they are present.  I love how they contrast against the percussion groove going on.  Great flute solo.  Dig it.

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