Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Songs of The Day

Presente Grego:  Man, this is one funky groove!  It's aching for a 70s film soundtrack.  I like how up beat and groovy it is.  Great, great horn line - very solid, and their chord structures are great.  I love that the wawa is present, but very subdued - it's the perfect amount.   Dig the that vocals are minimal.  This jam makes me want to get down!  So, so solid.

Dedicada a Ela:  This is a slower groove than the previous, but equally as funky.  I love that it's just piano, bass and percussion in the verses - very mellow, nice and simple.  Man, the bass on this one - holdin it the fuck down!  So funky in such a soft song.  I love Verocai's percussion choices - they always contrast whatever else is going on, but that contrast is what makes them so good.  The build up starting with the sax solo is so great.  Strings come in, everyone gets a lil more hype while mixing in more jazz elements with plenty of funk.  It just gets so damn funky!  Great tune.

Seriado:  This has much more going from the get go than the previous song, which I think is good in terms of song placement.  Dig the opening flute groove - mad funky.  There's a female singer on this one, but I can't find out any information on who she is, but I like the new element she brings.  Great pockets of strings.  This one sounds like it belongs in a Bond film, and I like that.  Cool ending.  Another solid one.

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