Saturday, July 16, 2011

Songs of The Day

No Boca Do Sol: This one starts out with a great, funky horn section into a nice smooth groove.  The groove has a really great feel to it, makes you pay attention.  The bass is so simple yet so funky - I love it.  The strings are a great addition to the groove, making it just that much smoother.  Verocai really knows how to use horns and strings appropriately.

Velho Parente: One of the things Arthur Verocai seems to be best at is dynamics.  Great builds into softer versions of the groove.  This track opens up with a great horn build on a single chord to drop to only guitar and vocals, and it's great.  So, so smooth.  Nice to hear another track with female vocals on it.  The horns add a really great build, and the way they weave in and out of the tune gives great dynamics.  Love that the keys solo is in front of the mellow groove so it is really present.  One of my favorites.

O Mapa:  This seems to be the most "standard" sounding bossa groove of the album, and I dig it.  It's simple and familiar yet Verocai made sure that his sound came through.  Strings are very elegant sounding - very nice.  Great motion in the sax solo.  Great tune.

Karina (Domingo No Grajaú):  I love the horns in this intro.  I'm pretty sure it's just how the horns are layered, but they almost have this warped sound to them.  They're also paralleled by the bass, and I think it sounds extra funky.  Love the fast pick up - seems the most upbeat of the album.  Great solo's all around.  You can tell that everyone's just jamming at the end - sounds like a good time.  Love how the beat falls apart and comes back together a couple times, it sounds genuine.  Great closer.

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