Friday, July 22, 2011

Songs of The Day

You Hid:  "Talamak" smoothly transitioned into this tune, and I dug it.  Not to mention this groove is extra chill (it's the slowest yet) - extra dig.  The guitar part is really sweet on this one - I love how staccato it is.  It's got a nice ease to it as well.  This kind of sounds like you're laying out on the beach, just letting your mind drift (that sounds so perfect right about now).  Sweet synth solo at the end, not to mention the awesome short build in dynamics at the end.  Solid.

Low Shoulders:  I'm really liking the piano on this one - it gives the groove a happier feel than most of those before it.  Another super catchy groove, gets your body swaying (I wonder if the people on this train think I'm a weirdo with all my moving...).  One thing that I love about this groove in particular is that it gets funkier as the song progresses, and I'm all about songs building.  Nice to hear a female voice, adds a new color to the tune.  Really funky.  Really dig this one.

Causers of This:  I'm rather surprised by this tune.  It's the title, and final track (not including the bonus track, which wasn't on the original release) yet it's by far my least favorite.  When I was first jotting down my notes on this tune, I had to restart the song about 3 or 4 times, because I got distracted by other things going on around me, which hadn't occurred with the previous tunes.  I think it's a little too cluttered.  I do dig the hits of late 80s/early 90s pop swag that's sprinkled in every now and again.  I would have preferred to end on "Low Shoulders."

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