Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Songs of The Day

Ritual Union:  Ah, and so it begins!  I'm not gonna lie, I've been waiting for this album to come out for a minute, so I am mighty excited that it is finally here.  This opener and title track is a great way to start off the album.  It really helps set up the aesthetic for the whole thing.  I love the bouncy feeling going on in the groove, which is much thanks to the bass synth and the solid 2+4 percussion hits.  Love the whimsical sample that goes on leading up to the chorus.  Yukimi has such a soulful tone, which I think is a nice contrast against the electronic/synth-pop background.  I like the build, and how it's brought down in the end - very cool.  I find it very impressive that Little Dragon was able to have so many different samples and sounds going on without it sounding cluttered - I really dig that.  Super solid.

Little Man:  This track also goes along with the bouncy feeling that I dug in the previous tune, but it's still different seeing that it's slightly more up beat.  The groove and melody on this one are so catchy, it easily gets implanted in your brain.  Love the slight echo on Yukimi's voice, it adds a nice texture that I dig.  I really dig that the chorus melody is paralleled by the synth, it adds a nice emphasis.  The line "somethin missin in your smile/ somethin missin in your soul" has such a great vibe to it, that's probably the line I get stuck in my head the most.  Love the harmonies in the final chorus.  I dig this so hard.

Brush the Heat:  Man, do I get down on this one.  Just from the opening "lala"s - the harmonies are different than what you'd expect, but they work so well!  I love that Yukimi is in her lower register on this track - it's so smooth and sultry.  Normally I would find such a high pitched sound irritating, but I think it really works on this one.  I think the bass could come out a little more, and the high pitch be lowered as a better balance, but it really doesn't bother me that much.  Really dig the tone of the percussion, because it serves as that at bass, which I find really cool.  The harmonies overall are really cool.  I dig the faint sound of bells going on.  And who doesn't love cowbell??  They got it!  So tasty.

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