Thursday, July 28, 2011

Songs of The Day

Shuffle a Dream:  Man, Little Dragon sure does know how to make some catchy shit.  Maybe it's the bass, maybe its the swing feel to the percussion, I don't know, but I like it!  The keys motif is awesome, works really well with the groove.  Love that Yukimi's voice gets chopped in the very beginning of the tune - it's subtle, but a nice touch.  I find the call and response aspect to the chorus melody and the chord on the keys really cool; it gives a great emphasis to the chorus that I don't think would be there without that element.  The one thing about choosing an album as soon as it comes out is that lyrics aren't up, which sucks, because I want to know what she's saying - it's probably awesome.  Sweet fade out.  Dig.

Please Turn:  I think my favorite part of this tune is Yukimi's melody - it's so simple and sweet.  You can hear the emotion in her voice.  The slight echoes to her voice are a nice touch.  I dig how heavy the bass is on this one, and it's so simple!  Love it.  The build at the end of this tune is super funky.  The synth riff that comes in just adds a nice lil punch to the groove, and it keeps building on that idea til it drops at the end.  I saw them perform this at Roots Picnic this past June, and it was just as good, if not better, than on the album.  Very cool.  Sweet tune.

Crystalfilm:  I love that the bass on this is one note the whole time, yet it keeps everything grounded and funky.  This is the most simple and mellow groove so far, and it's a nice little break from the pop-y, upbeat feel that's been going on.  Yukimi's vocals feel more subdued on this one, which I like as well - it adds to the lightness of the groove.  All of the elements that they add are very minute, which I think is really good from an editing standpoint.  Vocal harmonies are very sweet.  It's just an overall "sweet" tune.

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