Saturday, July 30, 2011

Songs of The Day

Precious:  This is probably the most dubstep influenced groove of the album, which I dig.  It's got a lot more weight than the others, which is mainly due to the bass.  The percussion opening is pretty sweet, which makes the beat drop that much better.  I like all of the different sounds that start to come in in the 2nd verse - they add an alien texture that I like.  As with a lot of their songs, the groove continuously builds to the end, which is something I really like about them.  It's like they're never giving up on the groove.  There's a nice dip in the groove at the end which marks the start of a new groove, which kind of sounds like a remix of the original.  It's a fairly short section, but it's cool.  I must say, this isn't my favorite vocally.  The melody is just ok, and I don't think it showcases Yukimi's voice to the full extent.  Cool tune, but not my favorite. 

Nightlight:  The upbeat feel to this groove is a nice pick up from the last tune.  Smart placement.  I think the element I like the most of this one is the main opening riff.  It's got a slight pitch bend to it that makes it sound flat, which in most settings does not work, but it sounds really cool with this groove.  The percussion rhythm and tone are both cool, their subtly, but I dig it.  Some of the vocal harmonies are actually placed in the bass, which I think is a really interesting touch.  I think the vocal rhythm of the hook is really cool, but again, this isn't my favorite song vocally.  As heard on their debut album, Yukimi has a really great voice, so I'm disappointed to hear it not being utilized.  Cool groove, but it's one of my least favorites.

Summertearz:  Man, I dig the meter play goin on on this one.  The groove makes you anticipate a different rhythm vocally.  Sneaky, sneaky, Little Dragon.  Super simple groove on this one, which I dig - it balances out the last two.  This is probably my favorite vocally of the day.  The "oh"s are very sweet and add a simple touch to the melody.  Some chopped elements going on that I like, they add nice lil somethings.  There's a nice smooth transition out of the song, which I dig.  I can get down.

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