Monday, August 1, 2011

Final Grade: B+

Oh Little Dragon, how I love you so.  This album, though not as good as their debut (which I might have to raise from an A- to an A) is still pretty solid.  It gets off to a really great start with its opener and title track, which really set the tone for the majority of the album.  I like that this album is a pretty good mix of the soulfulness of Little Dragon and electronic, 80s vibe of Machine Dreams.  Although, I think it's a little heavy on the Machine Dreams side; I would've dug a lil more Little Dragon.  The beginning of this album is seriously killin.  "Brush The Heat" is probably my favorite.  I was pretty disappointed by the end of this album.  Starting at "Precious" it started to trail off for me.  I still liked up to "Summertearz," but "When I Go Out" and "Seconds" were pretty lame in my opinion.  That being said, it sounds like Little Dragon has found their sound, which is unique to a lot of the stuff out today, and I really get down with it.  Still a die-hard LD fan, and will be looking forward to their next release!

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