Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Songs of The Day

Example:  This is an ok start to the album.  I'm not sure how I feel about the rock guitar opening.  I get the effect it has, it definitely makes you pay attention and sounds like an opener, but the beat that settles afterwards is so much better that I could have done without.  The keys are smooth, it's nice.  His flow has an undertone of Wiz to it, but I'm not sure how I feel about it.  I'm not that impressed lyrically, so I'm glad it's short.

Audio Dope II:  I like this beat solely based on the fact that it has a steel pan sample, which is not something you hear very often.  Although, I don't like the muddled effect it has on it.  Granted, the effect matches the rest of the beat, but the rest of the beat doesn't really impress me, so... His tone on one of the verses kind of irritates me, and I find that I am not paying attention to the song.  The hook is kind of lame, I know he can do better than "Right back at it/Like the Pilot get the pot/We can get it crackin in here/Audio Dope/We track traffickin/And they askin for mo is you back again?
And I ain't talking bout practice no mo./When it's game time show me to the stove/Audio dope/Yea nigga/we track traffickin/They askin for mo is you back again?" - Lame.

King Kong:  This beat is decent.  I like the use of dynamic, and the synth sample that's used, but it's overall just aight.  I'm not into this song.  The hook is dumb.  Sorry, Curren$y, but King Kong does have shit on you.  He's an enormous ape that could crush you in between his fingers.  Not feelin it.

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