Monday, August 8, 2011

Songs of The Day

Chilled Coughphee ft Devin the Dude:  This has a pretty chill beat - it's got a nice old school feel that I like.  Aside from that, nothing really grabs me.  I'm reading these lyrics hoping a line will pop out at me as being super witty and creative, but nothin is happening.  I must say that I prefer Curren$y's verse on this to Devin the Dude's, but the recording quality seems kind of low.  Lyrically, this has already happened on this album and with other rappers.

Address ft Stalley:  I like this beat.  It's got a distant feel to it - which is mainly thanks to the vocal sample - that I find interesting.  Surprise, I like the hook on this one - "ain't nothin change but the address" - it's simple, but it gets the point of the song across.  Get it?  He's the same dude as he was back in the day!  That's nothing new lyrically, but it's a simple hook that I like.  Okay lyrically. 

Life Under the Scope:  This is a pretty good beat, although, I would like it better if the electronic sample that comes in during the chorus wasn't there.  I also wish the claps didn't have the echo/distant effect on them, doesn't really fit with the feel of the beat in my opinion.  It's definitely a good closing beat though.  I really, really wish I liked this album more though...

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