Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Songs of The Day

I Need a Dollar:  And so we begin!  And with a cool tune!  I've actually heard this song before, but I'm not sure where.  A movie, or commercial, or something along that road.  Regardless, this is a pretty sweet tune.  I love that the beat has a kind of hip hop feel to it (which is probably thanks to the rhythm of the keys) while still being a soul groove.  The horns in the bridge that carry into the second verse are very nice, add a nice touch to the song.  I like the grime to Aloe's voice, it's kind of Bill Withers-esque - good, good.  Very chill, definitely something to bump in the car.  And who doesn't need a dollar?  Dig it.

Green Lights:  This groove has a very light, summer-like feel to it that I find very sweet.  Definitely a nice soul groove.  Another nice horn addition on this one as well in the second verse.  I do find the organ to be a little monotonous, I think it would have been better if it wasn't always present.  His voice doesn't seem as powerful, or nice on this track as the previous, but that actually seems to be part of the appeal of it all.  I like the simple message the song gives.  Not as strong as the opener, but still a sweet song. 

Hey Brother:  I like that this tune starts out with Aloe solo before the funky groove comes in.  Nice to hear some funkiness goin on - the guitar is definitely a large factor in that.  Nice, tight horn section, definitely enhances the feel of the groove.  That being said, I don't think that Aloe's voice is strong enough for this groove - they don't seem to fit.  This is such a hard hitting groove, and his voice seems a little too soft for it.  It sounds like he's being overpowered, which sucks, because with the proper vocals, this song would be a banger.  I also wish that it didn't end on such cliché hits, I think it should have faded.  Funky groove, but lackluster vocals.

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