Thursday, August 11, 2011

Songs Of The Day

Miss Fortune:  This has a pretty funky groove to it.  I love the dynamic of the horns - they sound really tight and work really well with the groove.  Guitar riff is pretty sweet too.  I was totally surprised that it dropped into a reggae groove for the verses, but I am definitely not complaining.  The two grooves are so different, but work really well together, and that was cool to hear. The bridge is pretty sweet.  I dig the distance in it, which is made more apparent whenever the single note on the piano comes in.  Aloe sounds pretty decent on this one.  The combination of the simplicity of the melody, and the range that it is in fits well with his voice.  This style of song suits his raspiness.  "Miss Fortune" is a clever title, and lyrically this song is pretty solid.    Pretty cool tune.

Life So Hard:  This groove is very sexy.  I can definitely get down with it.  There's a nice weight to it that I like.  The strings addition is tastefully done - thumbs up.  It's nice to hear Aloe experimenting with his upper register.  Although, it sounds like he's not as comfortable in his upper register as he is wtih his middle/lower, but he can still work it, so it's all good.  Dig the guitar solo.  Solid.

Take Me Back:  Pretty cool groove on this one.  It kind of sounds like it belongs in a british spy movie or something, but funkier.  That extra funk is mainly thanks to a pretty sweet bass line.  The string addition is nice, works well.  Aloe's got a nice texture to his voice on this one, this is another tune that suits him well.  I love the "if I die before I wake" vamp - it's got a cool feel to it.  Sweet tune (minus his final note).

Femme Fatale:  So, this song confuses me a little bit.  It's got a dark opening groove that I really like.  The way it mellows out in the verse is pretty awesome too, definitely really solid.  But then, the chorus comes.  Ok, now this song is about a "femme fatale"  which is a seductress who leads you into "compromising or dangerous" situations.  Now, this chorus does not sound very compromising or dangerous.  The verses, yea, chorus, not so much.  "See the way she walks, hear the way she talks, she's a femme fatale."  I just don't hear that kind of seduction going on with this groove.  It throws me off.  I like the chorus groove, I just don't think it fits with the initial groove or the subject of the song.  I also don't think Aloe sounds that great on this one, he doesn't sound comfortable.  Song should have kept the dark groove the whole time.

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