Friday, August 12, 2011

Songs Of The Day

Loving You Is Killing Me:  This is a pretty catchy groove.  The pace of the bass and drums contrasts the keys chords, that only come in on the one.  I feel like there could be a little more pick up in the chorus, I was waiting for a bigger build that didn't really happen.  The single chord bridge is ok, but I think something more creative could have been used.  There is a good build proceeding that section though, which I think was definitely a necessity.  Slow breakdown is pretty cool too.  Although, I think the groove goes on a little too long, I'm bored with it by the end.  Aloe sounds decent, but it also seems like an odd range of his voice.  He's still doing his thing though.

Good Things:  Sweet soul groove to this one.  It's got a happy feel to it, which is appropriate to the title.  Solid story line lyrically - you had him, left him, want him back, but he's happier without you.  That's salty.    I think the echo between the two guitar lines is very sweet, adds a nice feel.  Nice horns addition.  This is another tune where I'm not completely convinced by Aloe.  The majority of the song, he sounds comfortable, but towards the end where he's trying to belt his lines and move up in his register, it seems slightly uneasy.  His voice doesn't feel supported.  I think that's something he has to work on.  But, that being said, I still do think this is a sweet song.

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