Friday, August 19, 2011

Songs of The Day

That's My Bitch:  I had faith in this song when it started, because the drum groove going has a nice old school feel to it, but that didn't last too long.  The synth sound that comes in ruins everything for me.  It just sounds corny.  Speaking of corny, the hook is whack.  Didn't think it was corny enough?  Well you're in luck, because the ending groove is also corny.  Good thing Jay and Yeezy have good flow on this one, 'cause that's the only thing they've got goin for them on this one. 

Welcome to the Jungle:  The beat on this one is okay.  I don't really like the added synth that comes in and out, but it's not terrible.  The groove doesn't really seem to fit with the sad context of the lyrics, so I'm a little thrown off.  Decent lyrics.  That same old-timey outro is back.  Why don't they make a beat out of this?

Who Gon Stop Me:  I kind of like the heavy dub feel to this groove, not half bad.  I do appreciate that they've incorporated different styles into their beats, nice to see people switch it up.  This definitely sounds like something people would be getting hype to in the club.  Why do they have to keep adding unnecessary parts that ruin the songs??  The second beat that comes in is way too different, it doesn't work with the initial beat.  Not to mention, the song is way too long.  Had potential... too bad.

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