Saturday, August 20, 2011

Songs of The Day

Murder in Excellence:  Ok, so I am consistently having the same problem with these beats.  They start off cool, and then they gotta add some shit to ruin it.  I think that applies to every song today.  I like the groove, the vocal sample is cool and adds a cool vibe to the tune.  But then the beat drops with the added piano and extra drums, and it just seems to cluttered.  Not to mention there are little samples that come in and out of the groove that just seem unnecessary.  Simplicity would have been much better with this one.  I do like the ending groove, but I almost would have preferred it had been its own song - it's addition to this song is just another unnecessary additive.  Groove issues aside, lyrically, this song has a great message - the black community should be focusing on enhancing their status in society rather than killing one another.  I can get down with that. 

Made in America (ft Frank Ocean):  This beat is corny.  I feel like I'm listening to John Hughes soundtrack or something (which is not totally a bad thing, because I do love my John Hughes).  It would have been better without the repeating single note and the piano that comes in.  SIMPLICITY PEOPLE.  Maybe corny isn't the right word..."boring" is probably a better fit.  I like that it's soft, but again, that single note is a little harsh against everything.  This is a good connection lyrically to the last song with the nice message of making it in America, but I don't think the beat does it justice.

Why I Love You (ft Mr. Hudson):  I actually like the hook to this one, which is sampled from Cassius' "I Love You So."  I dig the heaviness to it.  Too bad that doesn't last into the verses.  The way it's brought down is a little too much.  The groove in the verses is also very My Dark Twisted Fantasy, (especially when the strings come in at the end) and we've already been there, so...  I don't think Jay's flow really works with this beat, and it turns me off.  The bridge is weird, the rock guitar doesn't work with it.  It's an ok tune...

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