Saturday, August 27, 2011

Songs of The Day

Time:  I really love this groove.  It's by far the most mellow and laid back of the album, yet it keeps the funky standard that has been present throughout.  The first line is so fantastic, "time needs another minute, at least" - so good.  I love how subtle everything is, and Sly's voice only enhances that.  His voice covers every range in this one, and it's really great.  Love his lower register - so sultry.  There's such a sexiness to it all, but it's not in the forefront, which I find really awesome.  So, so solid.  Lovin it.  Wish it were longer.

Spaced Cowboy:  Man, this is a weird groove.  Totally funky, but there are so many different styles mixed up in it!  Bossa drums (which my brother told me was the first drum machine recorded on an album), blended with funky guitar, and then country bass...and yodeling?  "There once was a bore that was a social whore" - that is one strange lyric.  Holy moly, what drugs were these guys on?  Great harmonica solo.  I like it, but I think it's gonna need a couple more listens before I'm not longer confused as to what's going on.  The blunt cut off it weird too.  Confuzzled.

Runnin' Away:  This song is silly, maybe I just think that because "hahahaha" and "hehehehe" are repeated lyrics.  Or maybe it's the opening line "runnin away to get away, hahahaha, you're wearin out your shoes."  Silly Sly & The Family Stoners.  I dig the staccato rhythm to the melody, it's funky.  Also love how the groove lays back for the lyrics, and then they jam out during the break.  This groove has a much happier feel than the rest - I wish it were grittier.  I'm needing more funk with this one.  These last two are probably my least favorite on the album.

Thank You For Talkin To Me Africa:  So when this song started, I was confused as to why I had heard this before even though my iTunes was telling me I hadn't listened to it yet, but aha! I figured it out!  This is essentially a slowed down version of their hit "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)" and man is it funky.  It was already funky sped up, but this slower groove gives the bass a really nice weight to it that I can really get down with.  Just an overall solid funk groove.  It sounds like this was just a jam-type situation, and it works oh so well.  Love that the vocals are so subdued.  Great way to end the album.

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