Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Songs of The Day

HooooooO:  This is a very smart way to start the album.  He amped up the theme song to the 80s cartoon Thundercats and made a nice lil intro out of it.  Very cool, I dig it.

Daylight:  I really dig the feel of this groove.  It's got a cool staccato thing going on the synth, contrasted by much more smooth, mellow elements.  The keys and vocals really help with that contrast, I love everything they're doing.  Great harmonies.  Great build throughout.  The ending synth arpeggios are pretty cool.  There are so many little elements going on within this groove, and I love how they all tie together.  Dig the smooth ending.  Really chillin tune.

Fleer Ultra:  This tune has some really cool meter play going on in it.  Great jazz fusion going on.  I love the different bass lines going on throughout the tune; they're layered perfectly.  I think the synth solo is awesome, but the tone annoys me a little bit - I wish it weren't so harsh.  Funky.

Is It Love?:  I really like this tune, but I just wish there wasn't as much singing going on.  The hook is super, super catchy, but I think he should have kept it with that.  It would have been a great element to chop up and play with.  That being said, there are some great harmonies going on vocally that really compliment the groove.  Man, talk about a killin bass solo!  Thundercat really shows what he's all about on this with a super awesome solo.  The string groove at the end is very, very sweet - I love the arrangement.  That continues with the vocals - great harmonies.  The ending groove changes really work with the tune. 

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