Friday, September 2, 2011

Songs of The Day

For Love (I Come You Friend):  The opening on this tune is so beautiful.  Love the harmonies going on, and all of the synth sounds work really well together.  It has a very ethereal feel to it.  The vocals are ok, but I like the tune better instrumental - it's so good, vocals aren't needing.  Also, the vocals aren't on the same level as the instrumental stuff going on, so they kind of drag the song down.  That, being siad, they do provide interesting harmonies that are pretty out there and cool.  The groove pick up at the end is sweet.  It's how I would have wanted to end a song like this.  Drums are pretty cool on this one.  Pretty solid tune.

It Really Doesn't Matter to You:  This song kind of confuses me.  I like the groove that's going on for the most part, but something about the mix really throws me off.  The mix and the drums.  The balance just sounds off.  The drums shouldn't be in so much in the forefront, because they sound a little sloppy.  They're not as in pocket as I would like to be.  And the tone of them just sounds like it was recorded in someones basement, which is completely plausible and in fact sounds cool at times, but it doesn't sound right on this tune.  I'm distracted.  And the solo at the end just doesn't cut it for me.  Some editing needs to be done on this.

Jamboree:  I have a lot of the same issues with this one as I do on the previous - mix and drums.  I wish the chords in the back were louder, balancing them out with the bass synth, which is coming off as too heavy.  And again with the drums, they just seem sloppy.  He's trying to pull out too many grooves, when this song would sound better if they were just pullin some straight pocket the whole time a la Questlove.  I do like that there are only three instruments presented - gives it a cool minimal aspect.  The breakdown at the end is pretty good, but it also sounds a little sloppy.  Jazz pick up is pretty sweet, but the drums are bugging me.  Why are they louder than the bass solo?  That shit's sick!  Needs more attention.

Boat Cruise:  The meter play on this one is pretty cool.  Definitely cool.  The groove is pretty decent, but I think the legato synth sound that comes in and out might be a little too harsh sounding.  I really like the idea of it, but I think a different sound would have blended with the groove better.  The wind-down is a pretty cool effect.  Okay.

Seasons:  Well, this just isn't the best day of songs.  You win some, you lose some.  The drums on this one don't do anything for me... again.  I think there's a little too much going on in this one.  It could be a cool groove, but it needs a little punch of something.

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