Sunday, September 11, 2011

Songs of The Day

Bendinin:  I dig the mellowness of this tune, it's a nice change from the super heaviness of everything else.  It's also nice to hear Satomi's voice more present, even though it's very meek and subdued.  There's definitely a random feel to the groove, but it's a little more structured than those of the past, which is mainly thanks to her melody.

Itchy P-Pads:  And back to the loud randomness we go.  I just wish there was more structure to their grooves so that I had something to follow.  Well, the title of this song is hilarious, so I can definitely get down with that. 

The Pickup Bear:  I wish the guitars weren't so muddled, because I think I would actually enjoy this song if it were just normal.  And if there was no feedback.  I dig that "the pickup bear" (whatever that's supposed to mean) is the only line in the song.  It is so difficult to critic these tunes.

The Comedian Flavorists:  See, I like when I can hear the guitar.  Much more enjoyable than all the muddled nonsense, in my opinion.  Not that it lasts for very long, but it's nice to hear it for a little bit.  It's still so random though.

Queen of the Mole People:  Yay for another mellow tune!  Probably the best way to end the the studio portion of the album out (the remaining are live).  It's also nice to hear a male voice.  And structure.  There's actually a recognizable groove to this, and I am very happy for that.  If only they all sounded like this...

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