Friday, September 16, 2011

Songs of The Day

You Got Me Hummin':  I dig this tune, it's got a nice, solid soul/rock groove.  Oh man, these horns have been doin me so nice so far, and I am loving it.  Dig the organ.  Lydia has such a solid rock voice, and a great tamber - I really like it.  Love the hook "you got me hummin'" - it's such a sexy phrase, but so simple.  Organ solo is super sweet.  Great build at the end, but I think the song goes on a little long after that.  Aside from length, super solid tune. 

I Just Want to Make Love to You:  I really like the length of this intro - it gives you a nice opening build and sets up the groove perfectly.  The drum/bass start up is great, and I love how it continues to layer and builds with the horns and organ.  Dig how low key this funk groove is - it's nice and mellow but still so dirty.  Love how the groove comes down when Lydia enters.  This song is more sultry than "If You Will," whereas that tune has a lot more sex punch to it, and I dig what they're both saying.  Great build with a crazy horn solo over it into the third verse - very cool.  They're really big on the builds - I dig it.  Super solid.

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