Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Week 50: Cold Blood

HOLY FUCKING SHIT, I'VE MADE IT TO THE HALF-WAY POINT!!! WOOOOO!! Damn, 50 weeks is a long ass time, and I've still got another 50 to go.  I only get a short pat on the back, the bigger being when I finish.  Anyway, this week's suggestion is one from my parents, and considering that they're 2 of the funkiest people I know, I'm gonna go ahead and take their advice.  My mother was the first one to mention Cold Blood, and she was mainly talking about their lead singer, Lydia Pense, whose vocal stylings reminds her of myself.  Plus, Cold Blood is from the bay area, which is where my family took residence the longest.  I don't know anything about the band and haven't heard anything of theirs, so I've got fresh ears on this one.  Looking forward to it!

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