Friday, October 14, 2011

Songs of The Day

Domelo (Give It to Me):  Well this is a nice dose of funk to start the album off.  I'm diggin the upbeat funk/disco feel goin on in this groove - definitely a nice wake-me-up.  Love the horn lines and how they're paralleled by the vibes - very cool.  It just sounds like everyone's groovin, jamin, havin a great time, and that's always fun to listen to.  The groove stays consistent, even when it switches up, which is nice.  I like that there's just one phrase to the whole thing, the main focus is the groove.  Final "domelo" is awesome.  Definitely wouldn't be opposed to puttin my dancin shoes on and gettin down to this.

Baby I Need Your Love:  This is a nice contrast from the last song.  We went from super upbeat and funky to super chilled out and mellow, yet still funky.  The groove on this is definitely relaxing, good to just sit back and let your mind escape to.  I like that its a simple motif repeated, and though that could get annoying, keeping the song at a short length helps avoid that.  Very sweet tune.

Higher:  And back to funky funk we go!  I'm really digging these simple lyrical motifs - you can tell that you're really meant to listen to the groove above all else.  The A and B sections work really well together, which is mainly due to the fact that they are so similar, but their similarity is what keeps them funky.  The hits are just ahead of the beat, which I really dig.  The breakdown, synth semi solo thing is pretty cool - gives the tune a cool futuristic vibe that wasn't there before - along with the rest of the ending groove.  Dig it.

The Memory:  This may be my favorite song on the day, the groove is just so sweet.  This is one of those grooves that continues to build throughout the tune, and when that's done properly, it's one of my favorite things.  I just love the blending going on between all the different instruments - really slick stuff.  This is the pianos tune, for sure, and I dig it, especially the triplet groove they go on - oo wee.  Super sweet, extra funky, I love it.

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