Saturday, October 15, 2011

Songs of The Day

Come Out and Play:  This has got a pretty funky groove to it.  Seriously diggin the bass on this one.  I love the group vocals, it adds a nice weight to the vocals to balance the heavy groove.  Love the hook "are your thoughts inside your mind wanting to be free" - what a great line.  Listen to the music, people.  They sound like they're just jammin, havin a good time.  Groovin.

Better:  I think this is an all around sweet tune.  I dig the effects on the vocals and what they do to the enunciation of the hook - I find it very catchy and think it adds a lot to the groove.  Roy knows how to balance his funk with mellow grooves, and I like it.  The string part is very cool, and it's a nice smooth transition back into the "better days are coming" hook.  Horns are great.  There's a kind of corny love feel to this that I actually really dig.  Solid tune.

Searching:  This is such a solid tune.  I love the horn especially - it's so short and sweet, but adds so much to the groove.  Love the hits on the ands of the beats.  The B section is great too - soft, mellow groove that sits really heavy, and right back into the light A groove.  Awesome horn solo.  I'm glad to finally here Roy on the vibes, but I wish he'd showed off a little longer.  Great tune.

One Sweet Love to Remember:  Starting off with a bass line like this, I knew this song could be nothing but funky.  I really dig the rhythmic placement of the vocal melody - it's off and not where you would expect it to fall, and it just sounds so funky.  Female vocalist breakin down on this one.  The vocalists especially sound like they're having fun on this one.  Solid groove.

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