Sunday, October 23, 2011

Songs of The Day

Make Me Over:  This is one solid groove.  Dig pretty much everything about it.  And Bilal's vocals are just so smooth on top of everything - so suave.  Love the minimal number of harmonies, but I love how crazy they are - so great.  The short chords on the piano are super sweet.  There's just a great weight to all the instrumentation, and I dig it hard.  Great build to the end.  Guitar riff/drum solo ending is awesome.  Yup.

Get Out Of My Hair:  The intro to this is interesting...pretty funny actually.  I won't ruin it for you.  This is another heavy groove, and I definitely dig it.  Love that the guitar riff is the melody in the chorus - when they meet, it gives a great fullness to the melody.  I love the layers in the vocals, they're very cool and add a cool dimension to the groove.  The hook lyric "just get out my fro" - so funky.  This is pretty stanky.

Lord Don't Let It:  I think the A section to this tune is so beautiful.  I love all of the instrumentation, and the vocal harmonies are on point.  I do like the B section, but not with the A section.  I like it by itself, but then when it returns to the A section, I remember that I liked that section so much more.  On the fence about this one.  The freak out section at the end of this is the shit though.

All For Love:  This is a pretty solid soul groove.  I dig the super up feel it's got - it's a nice swing.  That's probably much thanks to the heaviness of the piano.  Great vocals, but no surprise there.  Just an overall solid tune that doesn't need much explanation.

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