Monday, October 24, 2011

Songs of The Day

Hands Of Time:  Steady, steady groove on this one.  It really is all about being in the pocket, and these cats definitely got it right.  The opening vocal harmonies on this are so phat, I really do not understand why that sequence isn't sung again.  Regardless, the vocal harmonies are great throughout, and it's nice to hear more complex, interesting harmonies in modern music.  Groove breakdown/deconstruction section is cool - interesting to hear it so bare.  Dig it.

Hollywood:  This is my first somewhat questionable tune on the album, but I think that it's just going to take a few listens to get used to.  I definitely dig the synth, out-there beat that's going on (a nice switch up from previous tunes), and the harmonies are kind of insane, but I think their insanity is part of the problem.  The harmonies are so full and out there, but the beat is already so strange that together, it's tiny bit too strange.  I actually dig it a lot, it's just all a little difficult to jump into - you gotta ease.

White Turns To Gray:  Damn, is this one sexy song.  My first note just says "ugh." Yes,  precisely that.  That is much thanks to the bass holding it the fuck down.  The first vocal line gives me a stank face.  Scratch that, this whole song is giving me stank face.  I almost don't want to give anything away.  Listen to it.

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