Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Songs of The Day

Sorrow Tears and Blood:  This is a pretty cool tune, and definitely different from the ones preceding it.  I dig the feel of the intro, it makes me feel like I'm inside the tornado in the Wizard of Oz.  There's a great "world music" sound to this - lots of different mixtures of latin, tribal - I dig it.  Oh hey, Common!  Diggin the spoken word he's putting down.  I can get down with the mellow groove that the song eventually gets into, but I dig the initial groove better - I'm glad it turns back around.  Solid vocals, but no surprise there.  Everything about this tune is much more relaxed than the majority on the rest of the album.  Like I said, pretty cool tune.

Sweet Sour You:  Initially, I wasn't sure how I felt about this song being the closer.  It's an interesting track, the instrumentation and harmonies are very unique, but I was wondering how strong this track was as the ending point.  The B section groove is so on point though, it made me change my mind.  The groove is super steady, which is always good.  Love the "oo oo's" at the end.  I dig it.

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