Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Final Grade: B+/A-

When my roommate, Dom, suggested I do this album, all he said was "you're gonna be happy all week," and I must say that I agree - what a cheerful album.  The majority of the album, I wanna be up dancing in a circle of people, just having a good time.  I love the strong African element to this album, I think that's really what got me happy.  It's not too often you hear an entire pop album infused with such a heavy African element, and I really dug that.  "I Know What I Know" and "Homeless" are definitely my two favorite tracks - so good.  My main problem with the album was that I felt that the songs sounded too similar to one another, and when the groove did switch with the final two songs, it was too different.  The songs were definitely cohesive, and that's always good, but they started to all sound the same.  At least it was a good same.  I think I'm gonna have to put this album in my car.

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