Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Songs of The Day

Wizard of Finance:  At first, I wasn't sure how much I was feelin this tune.  The opening solo sax isn't my favorite - it has the slightest air of smooth jazz that doesn't do much for me - but as soon as the groove starts, I forget all about it.  The horn section together sounds much better.  I dig that this a mellower groove, something that you can sit back to.  Is it just me, or does chord progression sound exactly like "Something He Can Feel" by Aretha Franklin (or En Vogue, if you're more familiar to that version)?  I just keep wanting to sing "givin him somethin he can feeeeeel" on top of it.  Regardless, it's a super solid track, and yall should listen to it.

Funkentelechy:  This is one funky groove, but I would expect nothing less just from the name alone.  What I like most about this groove is how all of the parts have different things going on rhythmically.  They're playing off one another, finding the opening between one another and filling it with awesomeness.  It's always fun listening to people having fun.  Cordell Mosson, my man, you are holdin that bass doooooown, and I love it.  I love the horn part during "where'd you get that funk from" - so tight.  This is another long tune at 10:59, but the groove is so solid, that you should have no problem listenin to this whole thing, especially if you have the means to get your groove on while doing so.

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