Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Songs of The Day

Placebo Syndrome:  This is a very sweet tune, mainly thanks to the vocal melody and horn line.  Granted, everything is great, but there's just something about the vocal melody that I really love.  And same with the horn line - I love how staccato the line is.  This is a nice, relaxing switch from the heavy funk from the majority of the album - it really helps with the balance of everything.  Dig, dig, dig.

Flashlight:  Ok, who doesn't know this song?  If you don't know this song, then you are seriously out of touch, and are therefore required to listen to it.  Talk about not only one of the greatest funk songs, but best songs ever, period.  Funk at it's finest.  Everything about this song is on point.  I can't help but get down every time I hear this tune.  Yes, yes, and more yes. 

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