Saturday, November 12, 2011

Songs of The Day

The Boy In the Bubble:  Well, you sure don't hear accordion in too many pop songs.  I wasn't sure of how I felt about it at first, but once it started getting in with the groove, I got more into it.  I like how this is 80s synth mixed with African mixed with country - it's a very unique sound.  Chanting background is very cool.  It just makes me happy listening to it.  The upbeat groove really helps make it a great opening tune.  Dig it.

Graceland:  What a sweet title track.  I dig the beachy, country feel that's going on here.  I especially love the groove that starts with the first chorus - the parallel rhythms are very cool.  I don't know how to describe this song as anything but "sweet."  There's a touch of funk in here well, mainly in the bass, and it really helps keep the groove fresh.  It would probably sound kind of corny with out it.  Such a sweet song about Elvis' home. 

I Know What I Know:  At first listen, I thought this was my least favorite song of the day, but I think it may be just the opposite.  It's got a great upbeat, happy feel that makes me want to get up and dance in circles.  The Afrcian background vocals are great, they make the song super cool.  Love all of the different guitar parts that are going on.  Sweet melody.  I love the way he sings "party."  The drums seem a little intense at times, but not enough for me to care.  Awesome.

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