Sunday, November 13, 2011

Songs of the Day

Gumboots:  Man, oh man am I happy that I'm reviewing this album as I get up - what wonderful tunes to start your day with!  Another tune with accordion - I can dig it.  I love that everything is so upbeat, happy, and African.  It's pretty interesting, the way Paul has incorporated African music into all of the tunes thus far, and with such ease.  Hearing true musical blends is always refreshing.  Great background vocals, once again.  I'm glad that this was a short tune - short and sweet.

Diamonds On the Soles of Her Shoes:  A cappella African chant opening?  Please, and thank you.  So sweet.  The groove that comes in is sweet, very beachy, much like the rest of the tunes.  Paul's vocals have a lighter feel on this one, which I like.  I'm gonna have to give a shout out to the bass on this one, because it is mad, mad funky.  Horns are sweet too.  I think it may be a little long, but I dig it.

You Can Call Me Al:  I feel weird that I have used "sweet" to describe every one of these songs, but that's really the only adjective that comes to mind when I listen to these tunes.  Today's three all sounded a too similar to me - that beachy, African, kinda country feel.  I dig it, for sure, I just wish there was a little more variety between the three.  I've actually heard this song before, which is actually refreshing.  This tune definitely has more of the 80s drums and synth than the last two, which is nice, and I dig the staccato rhythms, but it's all still too similar.  That is not to say that this tune is not catchy beyond reason, and that the other songs aren't the same, I just want a lil spice or somethin.

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