Friday, November 18, 2011

Songs of the Day

Never Let Me Go:  I don't know what that sound is in the intro of this tune, but I dig it.  This song has a spacey feel to it that I really like.  Spacey and mysterious - I can dig it.  I'm getting into her voice more - it really works on these types of tunes.  The hook vocals are sweet - they have a nice openness to them that fits with the spacey feel of it all.  Looked up the lyrics, sweet stuff.

Breaking Down:  I'm not really into this tune, which is disappointing because I really dug the last one.  This one just sounds a little too corny.  The effect on the piano doesn't work for me.  I think I could like it in a different context, but not here.  I'm glad it's not there the whole time.  I like the verse string parts, but the rhythm they play in the hook adds to the corny factor.  There's just a little too much going on all together.

Lover to Lover:  My feelings on this one fall between "Never Let Me Go" and "Breaking Down."  I dig the groove in the verses.  There's a distance on the piano, and the way the bass sits well, but unfortunately, the hook kind of ruins it for me.  I'm not into her voice on this one - it's a little overbearing.  It's not doing anything for me.  This title made me want more.

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