Sunday, November 20, 2011

Songs of the Day

Spectrum:  I feel like I have to really start thinking of these songs individually, because contextually, they all sound the same.  So, that out of the way, this track is okay.  I wish she weren't so breathy on this track, and I'm over the shout-y chorus thing - it gets old fast.  I like the layers in the chorus, and it's got a nice pick up to it.  The harp and vocal breakdown is sweet.  I got bored of the groove though.  Not the best, not the worst.

All This and Heaven Too:  The intro to this song got me excited - it has this Portishead feel to it that I really dig, but then it goes into a much cornier groove that I can't really get into.  The verses are okay, but the chorus melody is pretty corny.  Spacey, open feel?  Of course.  Not my cup of tea, this one.

Leave My Body:  I must say, we are ending on a high note with this one.  I like the melody in the verses, the chorus is cool, the distance is actually working in their favor.  I wish the group vocals in the chorus weren't so spacey though.  The piano in the chorus is very cool, really dig it.  I really dig the echo/faded out ending too.  I can get down with it.

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