Monday, November 28, 2011

Songs of the Day

Captain Marvel:  And we are back from the holiday madness!  What a great song to pick up on!  My dad has been bugging me about listening to this song all week, so I'm glad I finally got to it.  What a cool tune.  Such a great latin groove to it that really gets you moving.  I really love the melody - it's got a great pace and feel to it that really adds a sweet touch to the groove, especially when doubled by Joe Farrell on the flute.  His solo is crazy!  Stanley Clark, you are a beast.  That is the only word to describe you, and that's the only word that should be used.  Holy moly.  Upright bass?  How is he playing an upright like that??  Insane.  Chick is obviously a beast on the keys.  Airto Moreira is holdin it down on the drums.  Great, great track.

500 Miles High:  This tune is crazy.  You wouldn't know from the soft keys intro (oh, so sweet) into the ethereal verses with Flora Purim, but it happens.  When the groove picks up, it never stops.  Everyone gets a chance to do their thing, and everyone is crazy.  Great Sax solo from Mr. Farrell.  Stanley, my goodness!  Chick is the man.  This track clocks in at 9:11, so there's a lot in it, but definitely check it out, because it's bananas.

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