Thursday, December 29, 2011

Final Grade: B/B+

As an overall rap album, this is very good.  I love Common's sweet flow - his tone sounds like melted chocolate, and that's tasty.  His positive message is something that should be more popular in mainstream today, and it's unfortunate that poetry like his gets overlooked.  I really liked this album, there were definitely a lot of tight grooves going on.  I think that the album, and the songs individually could have been a little shorter.  When I was listening to the album in full earlier, I got a little bored - the same kind of mellow beats and his ultra-mellow tone can become a little tiresome - that was my biggest concern.  I think it could have used some more upbeat beats to keep you moving.  Regardless, there are some classic tracks on here, and I'm sure I'll be bumpin em for more time to come.  

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