Monday, December 19, 2011

Final Grade: C

Man, it really pains me to give this album such a low grade, but I gotta do it.  I almost wish this album hadn't come out, not that it's terrible, but I would have liked to have kept Back to Black Amy as my final impression.  "Half Time" is by far the best tune, and being the first that I heard off the album, I was hoping it was a reflection of the rest to come, but that wasn't the case.  Over filled with washed up covers of her own tunes and others, some of the tracks were hard to listen to.  Not to say that Amy sounded bad (with the exception of "A Song For You"...that wasn't happenin), but in comparison to her previous works, it was hard to ignore the effect drugs and alcohol had on her once unstoppable instrument.  I think singles should have been released here and there instead of the whole album, really focusing on the songs where Amy could shine.  So sad that such a talent was lost.  May she rest in peace.

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