Saturday, December 3, 2011

Songs of the Day

So What:  If you don't know this song, you are a freak of nature.  This is possibly Miles' most famous tune, and it is a great one.  The melody is so simple, but so damn catchy - love it.  Great solos by Miles and Coltrane, but I'm sure you all know that.  If you don't know this tune, you better listen to it.

Freddie Freeloader:  This is another über famous Miles tune, and it's a nice segway from "So What."  They have similar rhythm and chord changes that makes the transition from one to the other very smooth.  This right here is what I would call a proper swing - it lays back oh so nice.  Wynton Kelly plays keys on this (opposed to Bill Evans on the rest of the album) and he definitely holds it down.  I love the way that Miles solos.  He really plays with the chord changes to make intriguing melodic lines, which is something that you don't hear done well enough.  He and Coltrane have such different styles, but they work so well together - they contrast one another.  I love the fast pace of Coltrane's solo and the laid back feel of Miles'.  Julian Adderley holds it down on the alto sax.  Paul Chambers holdin down his bass solo.  So solid.

Blue in Green:  I love how soft this song is while still having weight.  I feel like it just sinks into your system.  It also makes me kind of sad, which isn't exactly the best emotion to feel, but I love when music has any emotional effect, period, so that's a good thing in my book.  Love, love, love the Evans/Chambers ending, especially Chambers using a bow.  Great stuff.

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