Monday, December 5, 2011

Songs of the Day

All Blues:  Ah, what a classic.  This song has such an elegance to it - everything is so smooth and blends so well together.  We did this song for a project in a class when I went to the Berklee 5 week program in '09, so now, unfortunately, when I hear the bass line, all I hear is "do, sol, la, sol, te, sol, la, sol, do..." which is annoying.  That really has no effect on my feelings towards the song though.  I love how subdued everything is - I like it nice and low like that.  Another very sweet, but simple melody (Miles sure is good at those).  Definitely a great track to wind down with.

Flamenco Sketches:  I feel like I should be taking a bubble bath with candles all around listening to this song.  Yes, that would most certainly be the appropriate setting.  I love Coltrane's part on this track, it's quite lovely.  I love the flow everything has to it as well - the chord progressions, though simple, really carry you through the track.  Beautiful piano part, Mr. Evans, simply beautiful.  This is a long tune, so I won't go into every detail.  Listen.

Flamenco Sketches (alternate take):  As said in the title, this is an alternate take of of the previous tune.  New approaches to solos, melody, and what not.  A very good track, and interesting to listen to the slight changes made throughout.

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