Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Songs of the Day

Dun:  This is a pretty cool intro.  A gradual fade in of different sounds, including what sounds like something searching for signal, and different keyboard tones, eventually ending in a scream.  It's a very nice fade in, great pace.  I dig it.

Sleep:  Great transition right into this.  Really dig the beat on this one - it's got this eerie, distance to it that I find cool.  You can hear each individual sound going on, which I think is key to why it sounds so cool.  Nothing blends into one another, and the isolation really works for the the tune.  Great verse by Black Thought.  I almost think this track is too short, but there's a sweetness in diminutive length.  There's no credit for the vocalist, but it sounds a lot like Bilal, and since he's on this album elsewhere, that is my guess.***  Dig it.

Make My (ft Big K.R.I.T. & Dice Raw):  So far, this is my favorite beat.  It starts out where simple on keys that have a nice effect on them - it reminds me of a lullaby -  into a water droplets (so cool) and then the beat drops.  It's very simple and very sweet.  The mood has a lightness feel to it that I really like and makes me want to listen to more.  Strings!  They sound oh so lovely, and very subtle.  That's the word for this groove, "subtle," and they really make it work.  I wish I knew which verses belonged to which rappers - I'm gonna need to research that, because they need their proper dues.  I dig the vocals on the chorus as well.  B section!!  Love the soul groove it turns into, and with such a smooth transition.  This track is definition solid.

***The vocalist on this track Aaron Livingston (singer on "Guns Are Drawn" from their 7th album, The Tipping Point)

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