Saturday, December 10, 2011

Songs of the Day

Stomp (ft Greg Porn):  This is the most rock-oriented song on the album, which works appropriately with the title.  The groove is super simple, relying mainly on drums, bass, guitar, and keys, but the weight they all bring really works with the tune.  A fairly short tune at 2:23, but I think that was smart on their part.  Much longer, and the beat would have become a little monotonous.  Another smooth, connected transition. Dig it.

Lighthouse (ft Dice Raw):  I dig the build to this tune.  Starts out with the single synth/Dice Ray, and gradually builds into the rest of the groove.  Really works.  I dig that the drums have a nice distance to them, while still being so present - bravo ?uest.  All of the parts contribute equally to the coolness of this vibe.  I like the hook is short and sweet.  Good verses by bother Black Thought and Dice Raw.  Word.

I Remember:  This is one of my favorites.  Very sweet.  I don't even know what words I want to use to describe the beat.  It'  Y'all can figure out the proper adjectives.  I dig the female vocalist on this - a nice simple addition that really works for the groove.  Dig the classical strings/vocal transition back into the groove - it's a hot drop, especially since there is a whole other verse.  So, so solid.

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