Saturday, December 17, 2011

Songs of the Day

Will You Still Love Me:  Maybe it's all the Christmas currently circulating the air, but this song sounds straight Christmas.  From the "Drummer Boy"-like drums, to the staccato horn's Christmas.  And unfortunately, I don't say that with much joy - it's kinda hokey.  This is a cover of The Shirelles classic, and though Amy's voice does it justice, the arrangement just isn't doing anything for me.  She also sounds a little worn, which is unfortunate, but expected.  Eh.

Like Smoke (ft Nas):  My immediate reaction to this track is that the groove is nowhere near loud enough - I think it'd sound better if the balances were a little better on this one.  This is one of Amy's better sounding tracks, vocally, which is nice to hear since the last couple were a little lackluster.  Nice to hear Nas on this track, he's definitely a good feature.  Probably the best song thus far.

Valerie:  This is a decent cover of her tune with Mark Ronson, but it's so similar that it seems unnecessary. The groove is more mellow than the original, but aside from that, there's not a significant difference for me to feel any different emotion than the original.  Amy's voice is pretty good on this one, but knowing the strength on the original, it's hard to not notice the toll drugs have had on her voice.

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