Sunday, December 18, 2011

Songs of the Day

The Girl from Ipanema:  I'm not gonna lie, I find the fact that this song is on this album pretty funny.  Kind of seems like a cop out.  I mean, how many times is this song done?  Granted, Amy does the song justice, there's no question or surprise there, but of all songs to cover, this seems a little old.  I also don't sense much of a connection in the song.  There's disconnect between her and the instruments, and it's evident.  I do dig the groove rendition, but I think a new original, or a less popular cover would have been better.

Half Time:  Okay, now this was the first tune I first heard off this album a couple weeks ago, and it made me so excited - this song is ill.  A little birdie told me that it's ?uest on the drums, which would make sense, but I'm gonna have to ask myself before I hold that claim.  This song has such a great soul feel to it that I feel is missing from today's mainstream soul/r&b artists, which is refreshing to hear.  It's got a light feel to it that I dig.  Love that the beats drops after "and when the beat kicks in" - so perfect.  This is also one song where Amy doesn't sound like she's pushing her vocals - she's in a nice sweet spot, which she should have stuck in for the rest of the album.  If only all the tracks were like this one...
**?uest is, in fact, holdin it down on this one.  Confirmed.

Wake Up Alone:  I must say, it's pretty disappointing that so many of these tracks are covers, and covers of her own songs at that.  That being said, I actually might like this version better than the that on Back to Black.  This wasn't one of my favorite tracks on the previous album, but this stripped down version seems more appropriate with the lyrics.  Amy's vocals sound pretty good on this one, but it's hard not to compare, which only makes me notice the decline drugs and alcohol had on her voice.  I like the groove of this one better, but her lyrics better on the previous.  One of the better tracks so far.

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