Saturday, December 24, 2011

Songs of the Day

The Light:  This is by far the most popular single off this album.  I wouldn't be surprised if this is Common's most popular single - been that jam for a minute.  I love this Bobby Caldwell sample ("Open Your Eyes" - the sample used for the chorus), it's so smooth and works so well with the flow of the groove.    Love the heaviness of the 2 & 4, they really hold everything.  No surprise that this beat is a banger when Dilla produced it.  Man, Dilla was a beast.  Such a great love song - definitely not enough rap songs that paint women in such a positive light.  "I know the sex ain't gon' keep you, but as my equal is how I must treat you."  Common, where are you in my life?  Dig the slight switch up at the end.  Such a great track.

Funk for You (ft Bilal & Jill Scott):  Well, it's just a lil Philly reunion with these features, and what great features they are.  It's subtle, but Miss Scott and Bilal blend so well together - nice to hear them both on the same track.  I dig the slight futuristic undertone going on on this beat - it's a nice, new concept brought to the album.  "As long as it's funky, alright, ok" - those are words I most definitely live by.  Oh my goodness, the breakdown.  Breakin it down indeed!  Bilal - you are the man.  Common is solid on this, but for me, this track is about the features.  Poyser co-produced this one - that's wassup.

The Question (ft Mos Def):  This is another popular single off this album, been diggin this one for a lil bit now.  I wonder if the lady in the background is Miss Badu, sure does sound like her (and it would make sense seeing as she and Common were an item at the time).  "How you got high expectations, but no patience?" So true Mos, so true.  Classic rap conversation, classic track.

Time Travelin (reprise):  Such a great groove to reprise.  Happy to hear it once again.

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