Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Songs of the Day

Payback Is a Grandmother:  I've most definitely heard this beat on a loop for a commercial, or some kind of interlude on MTV, or something like that - it's fresh.  Dig the bass part in particular.  Upsetting topic about a grandmother getting mugged, but of course Common does what Common does and portrays it eloquently.  Interesting thing to write about, but definitely a relevant topic, so it's good to know that it's addressed in some light.  Ending with a drive-by wasn't what I expected...but it has a nice lead up lyrically, so I can respect the message.  May be a little long, but not anything crazy.

Geto Heaven, Pt. 2 (ft D'Angelo):  Okay, the female vocalist isn't featured in the title, but I swear it's Macy Gray (and I just checked elsewhere, and I am correct).  Interesting that she doesn't get the feature even though she's got a solid, and significant part in the song.  Dig the more picked up beat on this one - I was getting a little tired, so I'm glad this one has a nice dance groove to it.  The breakdown is fuckin sweet, really dig it.  A little confused by the D'Angelo feature...maybe he's playing keys (?), because he most definitely is not singing on this one.  Hmmm....that's disappointing.  That feature got my hopes up.

A Song for Assata (ft Cee-Lo):  Love the church feel on this groove, which I will mainly thank the organ for.  Chillin beat with a nice, heavy back beat - I dig it.  Cool to hear Cee-Lo (before he was supermegastar Cee-Lo) on this track - he's got such a soulful voice.  Dig the slight vocal echo in the back  - adds a nice weight to the vocals.  Nice breakdown at the end.  Solid track, but it's definitely long.    

Pops Rap III... All My Children (ft Lonnie Lynn):  Oh yay, pops rap!  Common's got a couple of these tracks, featuring his father, and I think that is so sweet.  He has such a soothing voice - no surprise Common takes after him.  Sweet, jazzy groove to back him up.  Listen and get some knowledge dropped.  

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  1. There are two versions of 'Geto Heaven Pt. 2'. The earlier pressings had the D'Angelo feature, whereas the later versions featured a remix with Macy Gray.